We know our life-experiences may be different but when we walk with Jesus, our destination is the same! At Reynolda Church, our mission is to help you discover your true identity in Jesus– to help you learn who you really are and the difference you can make in this world. We also believe we make the biggest impact by working together! We're excited to get to know you. Visit one of our safe, judgment-free spaces where you will meet friendly people. Campus locations include Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Kernersville and King!

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For the Good - Easter at Reynolda

God is great AND God is good. It means that God has all power to help you AND that God is utterly for you – 100 percent, fully, utterly for your good. The cross of Jesus Christ proves that He came for your good. The resurrection proves that He has power for your good. All it takes to trust God is to know that He is for your good and that He is able to bring about the good.

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